AeroDev documentation was made unavailable when AeroBrowse (and consequently AeroDev) was discontinued.

We’re saying ‘Goodbye’ to AeroBrowse

After a career of over 10 years allowing users to browse the internet, we’ve decided that we are going to be discontinuing the beloved AeroBrowse. AeroBrowse was developed actively between 2007 and 2017, with the latest release, AeroBrowse 17 for Windows Desktop just a few months ago.

AeroBrowse has forever been ahead of the curve of web trends, being one of the first browsers to embrace HTML 5 and abandon insecure outdated and proprietary web standards like Flash and Java in the early days. A polarizing browser that looked to the future of the web and what that could look like, with modern and open standards.

AeroBrowse grew to be a beloved part of the Windows Phone ecosystem as one of the most popular apps on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, boasting built in progressive web app support before the term was even full realised.

The decision to discontinue AeroBrowse comes with a heavy heart as we believe that the other browsers on the market have fully realised the vision we set out to create in 2007. The web is an open, modern place with innovations happening every day that better developers, web browsers and the general population of earth.

We are going to move forward by recommending that you update your browser from AeroBrowse to one of the following browsers, in order for you to stay safe and secure online.

Thank you to our wonderful community of AeroBrowse PC users, AeroBrowse mobile users and AeroBrowse developers. We will continue to advocate for the betterment of all of you through new innovations, more open standards and a continuation of the great work we have all been doing for the last 10 years.

Ryan Walpole
Senior Developer for the AeroBrowse Project
CEO and Founder, Pudince LLC.

June 11, 2017