ContentPanel.TitlePanel Class (RWE.GameOn.Core.Extensions)



Used to add a Title Bar to a window or container.



  • Dock
    Variable – Docks the UI Element to a certain area of the parent container.
TitlePanel1.Dock = top;
TitlePanel1.Dock = bottom;
TitlePanel1.Dock = left;
TitlePanel1.Dock = right;
TitlePanel1.Dock = fill;
TitlePanel1.Dock = none; // or default;
  • AutoSize
    Boolean – Defines whether the UI Element should be autosized.
TitlePanel1.AutoSize = true;
  • Height
    Variable – Sets the vertical height of the panel.
TitlePanel1.Height = 32px;
TitlePanel1.Height = default;
  • Width
    Variable – Sets the horizontal length of the panel
TitlePanel1.Width = 32px;
  • Visible
    Variable – Determines whether the UI element is visible or not.
TitlePanel1.Visibility = visible;
TitlePanel1.Visibility = invisible;
  • Padding
    Variable – Sets the padding for the panel from the main window or container.
TitlePanel1.Padding.Top = 5px;
TitlePanel1.Padding.Left = 5px;
TitlePanel1.Padding.Right = 5px;
TitlePanel1.Padding.Bottom = 5px;
TitlePanel1.Padding.All = 5px;
  • Anchor
    Variable – Anchors the panel relative to a side or multiple sides of the application.
TitlePanel1.Anchor = top, left;
TitlePanel1.Anchor = bottom, top;
TitlePanel1.Anchor = left;
  • Title.ToString
    String – The title to be displayed in the panel. TitlePanel can only show a single content. If you wish to add other contents, consider using a ContentPanel
TitlePanel1.Title.ToString = "Window Title Goes Here"



new TitlePanel = TitlePanel1();
         TitlePanel1.Title.ToString = "Extension Window Title";
         TitlePanel1.Dock = top;
         TitlePanel1.Height = default;