Deploy your web app easily and for free with Moxo Studio.

works with the Universal Windows Platform and .NET Win32

A Collaborative Effort

To make creating web applications that run natively on your PC an easier, stress free experience.

Moxo is a collaborative effort that is lead by Ryan Walpole Enterprises that includes contributions from Microsoft and Google’s team that aims to make creating web applications easier. Creating a web application should be as easy as supplying a URL and hitting go. This is the goal that Moxo strives towards. With help from Microsoft, we’re able to target the Universal Windows Platform and .NET Win32 with the C# programming language to make it easier, faster and less of a hassle to bring your already great web experience to the PC.

Easy. Quick. Painless

Bringing a great web experience to the desktop.

Getting your web app in the hands of users has never been easier. Moxo takes your web app URL, your UI control preferences and your application’s icon and hands you a fully functional project that you can edit in Microsoft’s Visual Studio with C#.

A Jumpstart

Even for seasoned professionals.

Even if you are a seasoned professional in the software development field, Moxo offers you a jump start – getting the basics of the application done for you so that you can focus on adding features manually using Visual Studio – whether that be push notifications, camera integration or something more advanced. Moxo gives you the jumpstart you need to get going with the fun and challenging part of programming.

Target Windows

No matter how out of date your users are.

Moxo allows you to target two different project types for Microsoft Windows. When creating your Moxo project, you can build a web application exclusively for Windows 10 users to distribute on the Microsoft Store with our UWP project type – or you can target users that are running anything from Windows 7 and above using our .NET Win32 project type. You can offer your users a web application no matter what system they’re running.

Ready to Get Started?

Moxo is steadily on track for release by early 2021. We’ll launch Moxo with step-by-step tutorials and documentation that will have you working on your web apps quicker than you can read your URLs.

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