This changelog applies to:
RyTek3 Software Development Kit
RyTek3 Framework for Windows
Introducing RyTek3, Version 3.0.0

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’re releasing RyTek3 today! RyTek 3 is the next step for our RyTek SDK and Framework. RyTek 2 has, over the years, allowed developers the freedom to build software experiences for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

We’ll have a full changelog included in the SDK application for developers to see, but for now let’s go over the basics!

  • New: Windows Phone 7 Support
    We’re most excited about this one! We’re letting you build experiences for Windows Phone 7 devices with our new RyTek.Microsoft.MobileHandsetExperiences library. We’re excited to see what developers do on Windows Phone.
  • Updated: Smarter WebBrowserObject
    Excitingly, we’re updating our WebBrowserObject to use the latest and greatest technologies. The WebBrowserObject will now default to using the AeroHTML12 and AeroLoad engines to display modern websites better than ever. If the user has a newer version of AeroBrowse installed with a more updated AeroHTML and AeroLoad engine, the application will intelligently use that.
  • New: High Resolution Display Scaling
    With new monitors coming out in the market with higher resolutions, we want to give developers more options to scale resources in their applications for higher resolutions. You can find everything in the RyTek.Hardware.Monitors library which has all these new added goodies!

There’s also:

  • A new look for the SDK, comprising of a sleek modern design.
  • Faster loading times and faster processing times for the SDK when performing tasks.
  • HyperV support for emulating Windows Phone and a Windows Phone emulator.
  • And much much more!

We’re really excited about this next step and we can’t wait to see what you do with RyTek!