This changelog applies to:
RyTek3 Software Development Kit
RyTek3 Framework for Windows
Version 3.0.1 Highlights


  • The RyTek 3.0.1 update is here! We’re releasing this update to address some key issues with the initial RyTek 3 release. That being said, we’re really happy that you’re loving it!
  • Developer Bug Fixes
    • The SDK no longer crashes when trying to import GIF images.
    • The SDK no longer hangs when trying to access web resources.
    • The Emulator is now more stable.
    • Application debugging no longer causes a spike in CPU uses.
    • Fixed a memory leak occuring when the user is signed in to a Pudince developer account.
    • Fixed a memory leak occuring when the user has recently compiled an application.
  • End-User Bug Fixes
    • If running Visual Studio while also running an application made with the RyTek framework, the framework will no longer crash.
    • Fixed a BSOD issue that would occur if the user tried to access FTP sites when using the WebBrowserObject inside of an application built on the RyTek framework.
    • If an application built on the RyTek Framework contained the LanguageLocaleSwitch object, users will no longer see visual glitches when dragging the application window.