This changelog applies to:
RyTek3 Software Development Kit
RyTek3 Framework for Windows
Version Highlights


  • We are incredibly excited to be bringing you another update to RyTek3! This update was designed with several considerations after listening to your feedback. Please see a summarised changelog below:
  • New Libraries!
    • RyTek.Microsoft.Windows.Phone
    • RyTek.Microsoft.Windows.Phone.8
    • RyTek.Web.PlatformS
    • RyTek.Web.InteractiveS
    • RyTek.Hardware.AccUt2013
    • RyTek.Hardware.AccPh2013
    • RyTek.RealWorldEmulated.Physics
    • RyTek.Lib.2013
    • RyTek.Ext.2013
  • Improvements have been made to loading times when loading a project in the SDK as well as initialisation times for users trying to access software that has been built on the RyTek Framework.
  • Security Patches and Bug Fixes