GameOn Driver | Universal Version, Series and Edition

Coming into the 2019 year, we have decided to make some changes to the way the GameOn Driver will exist in terms of Version Control. This page will be used as an overview explanation into how we plan to structure the GameOn Driver in 2019.

Universal Version

The Universal Version (or Univer) of the Driver will be common across all versions of the GameOn driver. This number will be consisted of the date that the driver is released to the general public. The Univer will consist of 4 numbers and will be the start of the version number for each update.

Driver Version

The driver version will be 2 numbers that trail the Univer and will usually be the numbers 01 or 02 depending on how many updates have been released for that particular universal version.

Series and Edition

We will be focusing in 2019 on creating a more optimised experience with the GameOn driver. For this reason we are splitting the driver up into different series and editions. A list of the series and editions can be seen below: