This changelog applies to GameON Launcher:
Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows 10 (32-bit)
Version 1908 Highlights

What’s new:

  • Modified the Sign In experience
    • Changed the “Use URI” button text to “Skip” as the options should just be to Sign In. Users not signing in will then be prompted to supply a URI or register. Still working on this Window, for now the skip button just functions as the Use URI button did.
  • Added Settings back into the UI
    • Window contains basic toggles and checkboxes. Currently the design is not finalised.
  • Windows that don’t have a finalised design (such as the settings window) now have a red title bar and a message to explain the difference and a stability warning as those windows are more prone to crashes.
  • Added the Console back into the application
    • Users can now use the console experience with all of its commands if they wish.
    • To access the console, users can either start the application from C:\Program Files (x86)\RWE\GameOn\Launcher\golauncherconsole.exe
      or they can access the console interface from the Settings window.


Bug Fixes

  • Some buttons had a smaller hitbox than the size of the actual button. The edges of buttons will now register a click.
  • An issue that resulted in the application crashing when Windows scaling was above 125% has now been fixed.