This changelog applies to GameON Launcher:
Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows 10 (32-bit)
Version 1915 Highlights

What’s New:

    • We further refined and streamlined the design. The design is now much more intuitive and attractive, taking what we learned from the last version and the earlier versions before it.

  • We added the ability to swap between subscriptions after you have already chosen one (so you don’t need to restart the application to manage and install packages from multiple subscriptions. This should have already been in the application, we’re sorry it took so long.
  • We added the ability to unsubscribe from subscriptions with a new “eject” feature. Ejecting a subscription will remove it from your subscriptions and will need to be subscribed to again in order to access it’s packages.

    • We added the option to add a subscription from the URL/URI from within the application.
    • And finally you can now refresh the subscription for those of you who might open the application waiting for a package to be deployed.


  • UI and UX Changes to support added features.
  • Download now uses the Chromium Project in the background for better efficiency with downloads.
  • URL of a subscription publisher’s website can now be used as a URI


Bug Fixes:

  • There’s literally too many to list, this is like 6 updates into 1 but we promise you’ll find everything slightly less buggy.