GameOn v2003

Version 2003 Highlights

What’s New:

    • This is the first update in a line of updates for February 2020 aimed at creating a consistent environment within the GameOn Applications which include the applications that run within GameOn (GameOn Driver, Launcher)
    • Updated the Settings Window to use the new Menu:

    • Updated GameOn Home:
      • The design is less plain and bulky.
      • Added the Notifications area for notifications about newly updated GameOn applications (or when an update is available for a GameOn application)
        • Added a notification for when a GameOn Launcher subscription has a file to be updated or installed.
        • Added a notification for when a new GameOn Launcher subscription has been added to your account, or if you’ve been invited to join a GameOn Launcher Subscription.

      • Changed the visual design of the search box to make it fit the application better.
      • Moved the application tabs to the top of the application (which is close to where they are when tabbing through each application).
    • As a part of this update, we’ve updated all of the sub applications. You can learn about these using the tab menu below:

  • Replaced the navigation menu that exists in favour of the new streamlined menu for consistency.