Introducing WPS Connect for Windows

It’s always an exciting day for us at RWE when we announce a new software product, but what makes it even more exciting is when the software product goes hand in hand with something else that we offer, and in this case we’re announcing WPS Connect – a new application for Windows that goes hand in hand with RWE WPS (Web Project Spaces) and will prove to be an excellent companion for anyone currently utilising RWE WPS.

What is WPS Connect for Windows?

WPS Connect for Windows is a new application that goes hand in hand with the existing RWE WPS (Web Project Spaces) service that has been offered to RWE Developers for quite some time. WPS Connect allows users of the service to connect to their WPS securely where they can then view and download files that are stored in their WPS. WPS Connect also allows users to access their WPS within Windows Explorer, like any other folder on their PC. This is a first for the WPS service.

  • View files
    A convenient HTML-based file viewer allows you to view your WPS directory and even supports viewing HTML and web objects – a first for WPS viewers.
  • Download files
    Download files hosted in your WPS just as you would with your existing WPS service.
  • Windows Explorer Integration
    A first for WPS users, you can open your WPS as a folder in Windows Explorer. Access your WPS like you would any other folder on your PC.

How do I get started?

WPS Connect can be downloaded for free by anyone – directly from Ryan Walpole Enterprises. If you have trouble downloading it, see the support article linked on the download page.

In order to fully use WPS, you will want to be signed up for RWE WPS. If you’re an RWE Developer (and signed up as one), you can claim a free WPS account through your developer dashboard. You will be prompted to log in to your WPS when you open WPS Connect.