Introducing Moxo QuickWeb Studio

Introducing Moxo QuickWeb Studio

Today we are incredibly excited to debut a brand new application for developers. Moxo QuickWeb Studio is a new application for Windows that allows the user to turn their existing website or web-based application into a native Windows desktop application without any knowledge of code. If you registered your interest in Moxo, you will have received a few emails about this product over the past few weeks and we’re happy to report that it is available right now for free for Windows users.

How does it work?

Moxo QuickWeb Studio will allow you to choose from two project types; .NET Framework and dotLX Framework. These projects are very different but both provide you with an easy path to native Windows applications for your web-app.

The .NET Framework project type will allow you to supply basic details about your application, such as the name and URL and dimensions of the window. It will take these values and generate a fully-fledged Visual Studio project that can be one-click compiled and run from within Visual Studio. From here you can deploy and distribute your application through your preferred distribution route. This Visual Studio project can be expanded upon and edited with custom code just as you would any other project – making this the perfect jumpstart for a seasoned developer or hobbyist.

The dotLX Framework project type will also allow you to supply basic details about your application, such as the name and URL and dimensions of the window. Where it differs, however, is that it will generate a working application immediately. It does not require the manual building and running of the application through Visual Studio – however – this comes at the expense of that the application itself cannot be expanded with custom code. This route is recommended for users that want to create personal use applications for their favourite websites, or the hobbyist. You can still distribute and publish apps made with the dotLX Framework however!

Get Started

Moxo QuickWeb Studio is available to Windows users as of March 17th 2023.
It releases with an array of documentation to help you get started with everything from creating apps to editing them with custom code and distributing them with an install wizard.