GameOn Update: v200601

Version 200601 Highlights

We heard you, ok?

We’re sorry we ever took away the beloved “Infinity” from the GameOn Logo. We realise that this was a mistake and hear your feedback. We’ve replaced the “g” button with the classic GameOn Logo (this time it’s filled, trust us – it didn’t look right as a wireframe). We hope you’ll forgive us for that fumble.


  • Performance improvements for submitting bug reports and feedback. Attachments submit up to twice as fast thanks to our Alloy Web Engine (which we forgot to use last update).
  • Rolled out some Fission Design Language to the GameOn In-Game Overlay

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug Fixes
      • QuickStart toggles would sometimes hang on either On or Off and all changes to the toggle would rapidly catch up later.
      • There were 2 QuickStart toggles for “In-Game Overlay” last update – we don’t know, but by default it’s back to 1.
  • And other minor bug fixes.