GameOn Developer Toolkit: v200603

Version 200603 Highlights

What’s New:

  • Added a new visual toolbox to make adding user interface elements a little cleaner and more intuitive to use.
    • This new toolbox also adds the ability to import references. They will automatically be added to the project.
    • The toolbox is also supplemented with a “Properties” tab that allows you to view basic information about the file as well as adding some quick toggles for save, open and new.

  • Added a new settings window that allows you to disable or enable High DPI display warning prompts.
  • Added a new warning prompt for users on a display that sports a higher resolution than is supported by the application with instructions on how to fix any display issues that may arise as a result of the unsupported resolution.
  • Added a help button that directs the user to a support page for various errors and help with the application.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues with rendering the application.
  • Implemented solutions for display scaling issues on high displays.
  • Minor bug fixes.