GameOn Developer Toolkit: v200701

Version 200701 Highlights

What’s New/Changes:

  • Drastically improved user interface and user experience.
      • Now using a Ribbon menu style, popularized by Microsoft Office Applications
        • Now features easier to access clipboard functions.
        • Includes a replace all function.
        • Includes a new side locked toolbar for importing UI Elements.
        • Now includes an Insert tab for all UI Elements.
        • Includes feedback, support, bug reporting and documentation via the Help tab.
      • Note: The run, stop and build features are not supported in this build – we hoped to have them ready but ran out of time.

Bug Fixes:

  • Major bug fixes
      • Fixed an issue that occurred if you didn’t wish to update you would be forced out of the application.
      • Fixed an issue that occurred if you didn’t have an internet connection you would receive the error GDVx0VSUE.
  • Other minor bug fixes.