GameOn Developer Toolkit: v200702

Version 200702 Highlights

What’s New

  • Added the implementation of the “Run” feature to allow developers access to testing and building features.
    • Uses a “wizard” style window that allows you to go through the steps of testing and building your application.
    • Requires a valid manifest, starting code file and project files to run.
  • You can now run and build your application using the GameOn Run application which can be accessed without opening GameOn Developer Toolkit. You can make a shortcut from the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\RWE\GameOnDev\


  • Made under-the-hood adjustments for web related content.

Bug Fixes:

  • Major bug fixes
    • [2209] – Application force quits when I refuse an update
      • This was supposed to have been fixed in 200701 – sorry about that.
  • Minor bug fixes.