GameOn Developer Toolkit: v200802

Version 200802 Highlights

What’s New

  • Added a link to the “About” window to the app Settings.
  • Added a cancel button to the Settings window.
  • Added INSTALL, LIST and DELETE commands to the LX Package Manager.
  • Added a percentage of file size label in the download window when updating the application.
  • Added the ability to add custom packages from file using the LX Package Manager.


  • Fixed the sizing of the GameOn Developer Toolkit logo on the Splash Screen.
  • Improved the look of the Settings Window.
  • Made the default open file dialog to all Code LX Files as opposed to having to select a specific file type (.lxmanifest, .clx or .lxc).
  • Moved the Core Library re-installation link to the Settings window.
  • Made improvements to the debug menu.
    • Enabling the debug menu is now instant and does no longer require the application to undergo a restart.
    • The Package Manager menu item should appear instantly upon enabling the feature in the debug menu.
  • Renamed “Install Custom Libraries” and “Custom Library Installer” to “Package Manager”
  • Reinstalling core libraries will now no longer delete all custom library installations.
  • Installing custom libraries no longer defaults to requires a reboot of the application to work and will only prompt for a restart if the package requires one.
  • Made some changes to the DPI scaling issues the application has been experienced. If you previously enabled DPI scaling features in Windows, please turn these off and try the application out and let us know via the Bug Tracker if you experience any issues.

Bug Fixes:

  • [2478] – Title of the application does not update when saving a new document.
  • [2216] – Test Extension menu item does not highlight on hover.
    • This change was supposed to be in version 200801 but the changes were not properly merged with the main repository.