Moxo QuickWeb Studio Update: v230302

Version 230302 Highlights

What’s New:

This is the first update to Moxo QuickWeb Studio since its release last week. We took the weekend to squash some pretty annoying bugs, in hopes that you’ll enjoy the application even more this week. We discovered a minor issue with the code responsible for updating the application that we were unable to test until release. We’re unsure if all users will be able to update automatically to this version and apologise for any inconvenience to users that may have to update manually.

New Features, Changes and Fixes
  • [New] – The application now automatically attempts to check for updates on startup.
  • [Fix] – Fixed the automatic update code.
  • [Fix] #5 – The application is now correctly listed in the control panel and applications list.
  • [Fix] #3 – The “Report an Issue or Give Feedback” button now works correctly.
  • [Fix] #4 – Clicking the dotLX logo in the project creation wizard will correctly link to documentation like it does in .NET projects.
  • [Fix] #2 – When using the Cancel button on a new project, the application should no longer spam dialog boxes and duplicated dashboards.