Moxo QuickWeb Studio Update: v230303

Version 230303 Highlights

What’s New:

This new update brings some bug fixes to the application as well as some refining of the core features. We’ve also fixed up some bugs with the dotLX distribution route. We recommend you regenerate your dotLX applications with this new update. We’re also introducing the brand new miniature dotLX Editor, allowing you to edit your CLX files with syntax, natively.

New Features, Changes and Fixes
  • [New] – The application now comes with a mini dotLX editor, allowing you to edit your CLX file.
  • [New] – Added new UI elements to the dotLX application creation screen, linking to helpful resources [see #9]
  • [Fix] – #9 – Moxo applications will now continue to run even with an invalid icon file. We’ve also made it so that if you select an invalid icon file at creation time, you are warned – as well as a link to CloudConvert, so users can convert their file into an icon.
  • [Fix] – #2 – Dialog spam when windows close has been resolved.
  • [Fix] – The application will no longer experience an unhandled exception when attempting to save a file that already exists.
  • [Fix] – #7 – The manual update check process no longer freezes on “Checking for updates…” when no updates are available.
  • [Fix] – Improved existing error messages and error codes.
  • [Fix] – Fixed an issue with some mis-configured CLX code. Moxo dotLX’s Host is intelligent enough to ignore it, but it’s fixed anyway.
  • [Change] – Replaced some of the logo images with different variations and tweaked their location and size