WPS Connect: v201102

Version 201102 Highlights

What’s New:

  • Added Privacy Screening
    • This feature is currently experimental and you should not rely on this feature. Please always exercise caution when using WPS Connect and your WPS service.
    • Privacy Screening prevents your WPS contents from being displayed when the user is:
      • Taking a screenshot.
      • Taking a screen recording.
      • Broadcasting the screen over the internet.
      • Accessing the PC via a remote desktop.
      • Broadcasting the PC via a remote desktop.
    • To disable Privacy Screening, the user must enter their login credentials again. They can then choo0se to disable the feature entirely.
    • Attempting to open WPS in Windows Explorer automatically prompts the user to provide their credentials. Privacy Screen will not be able to protect you if your WPS is already open in Windows Explorer on the PC.

  • WPS Connect will now alert the user when an update is available.
    • You can click this notification at any time to update WPS. Updates are sourced directly from RWE.