For Employees

FieldMate applications and services put what’s important for your job in your hands. From being able to digitally fill out your working timesheets, have access to permits and documentation in the field, to being able to report hazards and incidents… all without losing and damaging sheets of paper. Don’t get caught out in the field with FieldMate.

For Employers

FieldMate isn’t just beneficial for the accessibility and ease of use it gives employees, but provides the employer with tools to create a more efficient and better business. No longer will you have documents show up with blank fields, smudged handwriting and late paperwork. With FieldMate, you as the employer have the power to decide what needs to be submitted and how it needs to be submitted.

The FieldMate Family


Submit your hours worked along with any job related documentation or forms (such as chemical records, vehicle check reports and working alone register.)


Submit a hazard or incident report, or report accidents that occurred while working on the job to make it easier for your employer to assess the situation.

QR Creation Wizard

Upload files and automatically generate QR Codes that can be added to PDFs with a single click to give your employees a fast and easy way to download files.


Get assistance with company technology from your Information Technology department.


FieldMate Companion can be linked with Vehicle Registrations and provides the employee with any permit, form, documentation and training they might need on the job.

Developed with an Industry Leading Company specialising in Field Work.

When setting out to create applications that could be used in the field, it was no question that we would need to work with a company and people that are familiar with the process, it’s benefits and it’s drawbacks. This is why we’ve teamed up with an industry leading company, SSEF, in the forestry and environmental sector in rural Victoria.

All necessary documentation required to enter and do business within work sites are stored in the FieldMate applications and are updated on a regular basis on a device that is assigned to each company vehicle. This avoids the need to print and store folders of documents in each vehicle – which is worse for the environment, damages more frequently and results in a loss of documents.