GameOn Driver uses artificial intelligence and smart integration with your video games to make sure that you’re getting the most frames per second and the smoothest gaming experience possible. Perfect for laptop gaming, you can see up to 30 percent improved performance in triple-A title on Windows 10 with an NVIDIA graphics card.

GameOn comes with some smart and helpful features that you didn’t know you needed until now. Whether it’s disabling the audio of a game on first run until you have a chance to tune the in-game audio yourself, remapping your controls in games that don’t support it or even making NPC voices louder in games where the ambient noise is just a tad too loud, we can help you where the game developers failed you.

GameOn Developer Toolkit for Windows 10 is an IDE that brings developers the greatest experience for developing GameOn Applications (formerly known as GameOn Extensions). With syntax highlighting, quick-code and access to direct documentation, GameOn Developer Toolkit is the one-stop solution for developers wishing to take advantage of the GameOn Platform.

GameOn Driver

The GameOn Driver is a quality-of-life application that is aimed at adding smart features to existing game-play scenarios and is aimed at improving gaming performance. Enhance your experience with more performance, smarter features, extensions and an improvement in the gaming experience

GameOn Launcher

Developers can take advantage of the API and deliver customers game patch updates and executables through the GameOn Launcher for the end user to use how the developer intends. Players can ensure that their games and modpacks are always up to date.

GameOn Vibe

GameOn Vibe allows for user playback of music, podcasts, videos and other media. It sports a modern text-focused UI and is capable of playing online and local media files thanks to Spotify integration. Being built in to the in-game overlay gives you a much better media consumption experience with GameOn Vibe.

Become a GameOn Tester

GameOn Products are currently not open for public download as it is still an in-development software product suite. We currently offer users the opportunity to join the GameOn Testers program. GameOn Testers are given a Ryan Walpole Enterprises login that they can use to access all GameOn Products and features.

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GameOn for Developers

RWE invites developers to build great GameOn extensions for the GameOn platform, including our powerful GameOn Developer Toolkit and our GameOn Developer Documentation and Tutorials.

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