Who we are.

RWE Softworks is a subsidiary of Ryan Walpole Enterprises that specialises in software that doesn’t fit the mold of an official Ryan Walpole Enterprises release. RWE Softworks is often a platform to release software projects that are built from the ground up by employees of Ryan Walpole Enterprises where they’re more likely to get seen and used by enthusiasts and those that currently use RWE software offering and products.

Open Source.

RWE Softworks projects don’t always fit the same policies and trade secretness of Ryan Walpole Enterprises. For this reason you might see a lot of the RWE Softworks software products on open source repository websites such as GitHub. This may also mean that we’re looking for community involvement in the project in terms of issue reporting and code submissions.

What we’ve been working on lately…

RyTek3 Application Framework Patch (AFP)

he RyTek3 application framework reached end of life support in January 2017, however many applications were built on this framework that are closed source and have not been updated since. In 2020, apps on Windows 10 running the RyTek3 framework stopped working due to an issue caused by updates made to Windows. This application framework patch is designed to fix that issue and allow those broken applications to still function

Get Involved

Create your own forks of our projects, contribute on our code, submit bug reports and more on GitHub*

* Some projects may not be open for certain features such as code collaborations and bug reports.