Moving from PudinceNET CDN to RWE CDLN (CKB14VS67P)


PudinceNET CDN has been renamed to RWE CDLN and is now at its new home at Ryan Walpole Enterprises. This change brings some developmental changes that are required for the long time reliability of your applications and services that currently use PudinceNET CDN.


  • You are using PudinceNET CDN to power your applications and services.
    • This can result in your CDN packages being out of date and not receiving updates.


PLEASE NOTE: Your services and applications will still function using PudinceNET CDN until November 2021, however, you will likely fall behind on critical package updates.

To ensure that you have the best and most reliable experience possible, you need to update your PudinceNET CDN packages to comply with the new RWE CDLN structure. To do this you need to edit your application or web services code. Where you would usually include the link to a CDN package, you will need to adjust it.

PudinceNET CDN (what you will currently have)[unique-package-id]

RWE CDLN (what you will need to change to)[unique-package-id]
(note the use of HTTPS)

An easy way of doing this is to use the Find and Replace function in your IDE (Usually CTRL+F) to replace the text “” with “”.