GameOn could not initiate an installation on this hardware configuration (G0091093)


When you attempt to install GameOn on your PC, you may encounter the error message “GameOn could not initiate an installation on this hardware configuration”. This error occurs because you’re trying to install GameOn on a hardware configuration that is not supported by the software. This usually occurs because you have obtained an installer for a specific version or build of the software.


  • You are attempting to install GameOn using an installer designed for a specific hardware configuration that does not match the hardware configuration in your PC.
  • The installer is unable to accurately detect the hardware configuration in your PC.


GameOn runs on most hardware configurations from the late 1990s to modern PCs. If you receive this error message, you should download the GameOn Automatic Installer and attempt to install GameOn using said installer. This installer will automatically detect your hardware configuration and download the correct version of the software for your device based on this information.

If you are having issues with the automatic installer or if your hardware configuration is being detected incorrectly or incompletely, you can download the specific version of GameOn via the GameOn Download Page. On this page you can select the CPU, GPU and OS manually.