GameOn Developer Toolkit failed to update (GDVx00001)


GameOn Developer Toolkit has detected an update available but failed to install the update when it was downloaded.


  • The download GameOn Developer Toolkit obtained was:
      • Corrupted.
      • Not Available.
      • Misidentified as an earlier version.


There are multiple ways that this error could have occurred but they all have one thing in common; an update for GameOn Developer Toolkit was found and the update was unable to be applied.

Occasionally a secondary window may appear with more information about the crash. If you received more than one error window, please click here.

Solution 1: Retry the Update

GameOn Developer Toolkit removes all update executable files from your system upon launch. This means when you launch GameOn Developer Toolkit, you will have the opportunity to redownload the update. If your update was corrupted between our servers and your PC, this solution should fix the issue.

Solution 2: Download the update manually.

The latest GameOn Developer Toolkit can be obtained by visiting the following URL:

It is important to remember, however, that the GameOn Developer Toolkit is designed to download and apply the update for you to ensure that nothing goes wrong. For this reason, we ask that you perform the following before downloading the update manually:

          • Close GameOn Developer Toolkit
          • Start GameOn Developer Toolkit
            • When prompted to update automatically, press CTRL+ALT+DEL
          • End the GameOn Developer Toolkit process.
          • Download and run the update manually.

Solution 3: We probably messed up.

If you’re still having issues after retrying the automatic update and attempting a manual update using the steps above, there is a chance that we’ve messed up somewhere. This could be a multitude of reasons. We may have incorrectly pushed out an update or forgotten to add the correct identifying code. If this is the case, we’d appreciate the heads up. You can contact us by lodging a customer support request. Please try to be descriptive.


If you are unable to reach a resolution and have contacted us for further support…

GameOn Developer Toolkit is designed so that if an update fails, you can still launch the application in it’s current version and continue working on your projects. You may however experience anomalies in your use of the application. These include:

  • Alerts and windows appearing in duplicates.
  • Error codes that contain empty or no information.


If you received multiple error codes

If you received multiple error codes, this can be helpful in solving the issue.

      1. The program or feature [Location] cannot start or run due to incompatibility with 64-bit versions of Windows.
        The update downloaded is either Corrupt (See Solution 1) or we messed up and delivered an incomplete update (Solution 3)
      2. There was no file found at [Location]
        The update downloaded seems to not have found the right location. We’d recommend trying Solutions 1 and then 2.