QuickWeb Studio

Introducing Moxo QuickWeb Studio

Turn your existing website or web-app into a fully-fledged native Windows application with Moxo QuickWeb Studio by Ryan Walpole Enterprises. Build fantastic native Windows applications with the .NET Framework that can be extended and edited to add advanced features and customizations or keep it simple with the dotLX project type – which generates a ready-to-go application that can be used immediately.

Works on Windows

Whether you’re using dotLX or the .NET Framework project type, we guarantee that your application will run on Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and Windows 11 immediately. Thanks to the Microsoft Edge WebView technology, regardless of what version of Windows you’re on, you’re getting a modern web browser to power your application.

Code is Optional

Moxo QuickWeb Studio takes just a few text boxes of information to build your application. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to write a single line of code in the creation of your application. If you choose the .NET project type, you’ll need to open the project in Visual Studio, but you can simply one-click build and run the program from there.

Endless Possibilities

When targeting .NET, you will have a fully realized Visual Studio project. From here, you can use the power of C#, Windows Forms and the .NET Framework to extend your application, adding and customizing features. As simple as changing iconography to as advanced as adding push notifications – the world is your oyster.

It’s Easy. It’s Fast. It’s Simple

From installation to generating your first application to publishing and distributing your brand new application, Moxo QuickWeb Studio is set up in a way that is easy to learn and use, fast to create and establish and simple to use.

ryanwalpoleenterprises / moxo-quickweb-studio

Moxo QuickWeb Studio is an application that allows users to turn their existing websites and web-based applications into native Windows Desktop applications using .NET or dotLX. Applications can be generated without code, easy and quickly by just supplying basic information like URL and desired window height and width values.

  • Create a software application that is capable of turning user data values into a functional Windows desktop application.
  • Allow users to target the .NET Framework to generate Visual Studio projects that can be used to expand, customise, build and compile the web-application.
  • Allow users to use dotLX to create standalone applications that don’t require any third party building or compiling, offering a quick one-click creation method.