Moxo QuickWeb Studio Update: v230401

Version 230401 Highlights

What’s New:

This new update brings some bug fixes to the application as well as the ability to update your existing dotLX apps to the latest dotLX framework without having to re-create them. In this update we also added the ability to toggle whether Moxo QuickWeb Studio checks for updates on launch with a new Settings window.

New Features, Changes and Fixes
  • [New] – Introduced a new settings window that allows you to toggle update checking on startup.
  • [New] – Introduced a new update process for existing dotLX apps (Related: #11)
  • [Improvement] – Made efficiency improvements to the app creation process.
  • [Improvement] – Improved error message dialogs with better messages and more consistent formatting.
  • [Change] – Tweaked the UI.