Shadpw is designed to be simple and easy to learn for beginners. It is a programming language dialect that is based on the C# multi-paradigm, object-oriented programming language by Microsoft.

Shadpw takes the human readability and understandability from C# and makes it even easier to understand. It also puts the power in the hands of the developer by allowing them to create applications without using Visual Studio by providing full programming support for visual aspects of the application.

Shadpw is intelligent and is able to help you program your applications. For example, rather than defining each on-screen number button and keyboard button for a calculator app, the Shadpw.Smart library is capable of automatically detecting on-screen buttons based on the text value displayed on the button or what the button’s name is.

Shadpw Studio is an IDE built by Ryan Walpole Enterprises that aims to give developers the best possible experience while developing with Shadpw. Shadpw Studio is an IDE for the future, encompassing a clean and smart design and runs on the worlds’ most popular operating system.


ryanwalpoleenterprises / shadpw

Shadpw (pronounced Shadow) is an in-development C# programming language dialect being developed by Ryan Walpole Enterprises in collaboration with Shadpw began development in mid-December of 2019 and is designed to make programming more intelligent, easier and help beginner programmers learn.

  • Create a programming language dialect based on the Microsoft C# language.
  • Create a set of smarter tools and repositories to allow for easier programming.
  • Create an environment to encourage beginner programmers to learn how to code.
  • Create an environment that makes it easier for seasoned programmers to perform basic programming tasks that would usually have overly complex or unnecessarily complicated code otherwise.

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