Powerful software to ensure you get the
best performance, experience and features
while playing your favourite video games.

Shadpw is a programming language dialect
that is based on the C# multi-paradigm,
object-oriented programming language by
Microsoft, designed to be simple and easy
to learn for beginners

GameOn Developer Toolkit is a software
development IDE that brings developers
the best experience when coding in
Code LX for the GameOn Platform.

WPS Connect allows you to view, download and
access files stored on your RWE WPS service,
including opening your WPS in Windows
Explorer, like any other folder on your PC.

Moxo is a collaborative effort by Ryan Walpole
Enterprises, Microsoft and Google’s web.dev team
to provide developers with a new and easy way
to build web applications for Windows.

Cathedral College Wangaratta

The Cathedral College Wangaratta school
application allows parents and students
to hold the power of the school calendar,
newsletter and important notifications in
the palm of their hands.


RyTek comprises of several software
products that form a framework for the
development of Windows applications.
RyTek SDK can be used to create software
experiences that can be used by
users with the Framework installed.


CrutioBot (formerly R-Assistant) is a
Discord Bot by Ryan Walpole Enterprises
for The Potato Farm. It is capable
of executing smart commands and
includes a smart support ticketing system.