About Ryan Walpole Enterprises

Our mission is to create and innovate for the
benefit of everyone on the planet.

About Us

Ryan Walpole Enterprises is a technology driven company founded by former Chief Executive Officer of Pudince LLC; Ryan Walpole, in January of 2018. Ryan Walpole Enterprises as a company is driven to create and innovate to the benefit of everyone on the planet. Whether this be through modern media, computer software or technological research.

Through experience, imagination, research and development, we hope to engineer systems and products for the future of man kind.

Our Values:

  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Security and Safety
  • The Environment

Ryan Walpole Enterprises is currently a minority stakeholder in Pudince LLC, owning 49% of the company. With this, Ryan Walpole Enterprises absorbed several digital assets including source code to many of the Pudince projects that have not been continued by the company as a result of the sale.

Our 5 year plan is to continue the Pudince story. By releasing great computer software and mobile applications, researching and innovating in fields like medical imagery, cellular communications and creating solutions for the future.

Our History

Our history starts in 2008 with the conceptualisation of Pudince LLC by founder, Ryan Walpole. After 10 years with the company, Ryan sold 51% of the company to Microsoft Corporation.