ryanwalpoleenterprises / crutiobot

CrutioBot (formerly R-Assistant) is a Discord Bot by Ryan Walpole Enterprises for The Potato Farm. It was developed by Crutionix (Ryan Walpole). It was originally launched in January 2018 and was capable of machine learning via Pudince AIR (Artificial Intelligence Register). It currently does not have this capability.

CrutioBot was built using Shadpw and Javascript.


  • +wb
    • Welcomes the bot (with easter eggs for those who met R-Assistant)
  • +help
    • See a list of commands and general information about the bot.
  • +register [minecraft username]
    • Allows you to register your interest in joining The Baked Potatarium Minecraft Server.
  • +ticket [ticket details]
    • Submit a support ticket for follow up from a moderator. The ticket message is deleted for privacy and a ticket number is generated.
  • +birthday [Month] [Day]
    • Submit your birthday to the calendar.
    • +birthday June 15 (Example)