This changelog applies to:
CrutioBot (Discord.JS)
CrutioBot (Shadpw)
Version 200301.214 Highlights

In this update:

  • CrutioBot has been released for use in The Potato Farm Discord.
    • Introduced the commands:
      • +wb
        • Welcomes the bot to the Discord. If the user was in the Discord when R-Assistan (CrutioBot’s predecessor) was in the Discord, a list of special responses is used.
      • +ticket [ticket details]
        • Submits a support ticket to be received by the moderators. The user is informed via direct private message that their ticket has been received and generates a ticket numbers.
      • +register [minecraft username]
        • Registers the user’s interest in joining The Baked Potatarium Minecraft server. The register command is received by moderators.
      • +help.
        • Prints a list of commands and also information regarding the bot including the version information.