Whether it be LX Code files making up a GameOn App, a few Moxo Project Files, or some C# code that makes up a .NET Win32 Application – you can store it in your Web Project Space (WPS) to access it on any device, anywhere in the world – so long as you have an active internet connection in a country that doesn’t censor internet traffic.


Invite different users to your Web Project Spaces to collaborate on common files. Download and upload new files, as well as track edits made by other collaborators. Make your code universally accessible by co-workers for a collaborative environment that is quick, secure and feature rich.


Web Project Spaces (WPS) are hosted securely on Ryan Walpole Enterprises’ servers, with SSL and TLS security. Your sign in process is handled by your browser when accessing your WPS through the browser, and handled by Windows when signing in through WPS Connect for Windows.

WPS Connect

Direct, Secure access to your Web Project Space from the Desktop.

WPS Connect for Windows is a gateway to your Web Project Space. Securely view and download your files, open your WPS in Windows Explorer and fully harness all your WPS has to offer.