The RWE CDLN is currently experiencing issues due to a high influx of requests from apps and services that use our network. You can see the current status of the RWE CDLN by clicking here


We have made the decision to purposely throttle the performance of the RWE CDLN to compensate for the unanticipated high traffic. You can read more here

PudinceNET CDN is now RWE CDLN

As of November 18th 2018, PudinceNET CDN is now RWE CDLN. The RWE CDLN (Content Distribution and Licensing Network) functions the same as PudinceNET CDN always has. If you currently use PudinceNET CDN to power your online applications and services, you will receive an email with instructions on how to update to the new RWE CDLN. This however is a step that is not immediately required, as the existing PudinceNET CDN configurations will work until November 2021.

Help and Support

Please see the RWE Support website for help and support regarding RWE CDLN. You can also check the status of the network by visiting

Why use RWE CDLN?

We have a vast library of content for distribution and licensing that has been compilated over nearly a decade. PudinceNET CDN was started in October 2011 and now as RWE CDLN it services over 300,000 applications and services on the world wide web. We are powered by Microsoft Azure and have a remarkably reliable service with minimal service interruptions.


Existing Customers
If you are currently using RWE CDLN or haven’t yet updated from the PudinceNET CDN you can sign in using the button at the top right of the website to access your dashboard. PudinceNET CDN logins will work with the RWE Authentication Service.

Register for RWE CDNL
Our content distribution and licensing network is available to developers that are building applications and services. At this current moment due to technical limitations and difficulties, we are not accepting new registrations for the CDLN. Please check back at a later date.