This changelog applies to GameON Driver:
GameON Series L Drivers
Version 190101 Highlights

What’s new:

  • Added experimental features button to the settings screen if the user is running Windows 7 or above.
  • Current experimental features are as follows:
    • Smart Pointing Device: disables a laptop trackpad when a HID compliant USB mouse is connected to the device. This helps to avoid accidental touchpad and trackpad clicks and movement when using the keyboard. This feature is stable in the current build.
    • Smart In-Game Audio: intelligently enhances in-game audio to make NPC voices louder and more clear, while adjusting music and sound effect volume accordingly. This feature is considerably less stable than SPD.
  • Added the RWE account login screen if the user is running Windows 7 or above.
    • Windows versions prior to Windows 7 present a security risk when accessing the internet or are incapable of sending the required login data. These features are not planned for the driver running on Windows Vista or earlier.

Bug Fixes:

  • Windows XP rendered the main application screen strangely in the previous version. This has been fixed.