This changelog applies to GameON Driver:
GameON Series E Edition S
GameON Series E Edition T
GameON Series F Edition S
GameON Series F Edition T
Version 190103 Highlights

What’s new:

  • Added support for NVIDIA RTX 2070 GPUs.
  • Improvements to the RWE Login system. Signing in to the application is now quicker.
    • Sign in option still only shows on first launch. To sign in later, use Settings > Sign In
      • Registration is still invite-only.
    • If there is an outage with the RWE account system, a notification will appear and the form will be disabled.
    • Added support for upcoming RWE account integrations for third party solutions.
  • Improvements to the Settings window.
    • Visual changes to make the application more aesthetically pleasing.
    • Experimental features button has been relocated. This will eventually become a part of the new redesigned settings window.
  • Limited Support for eGPU (see other).

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue with in-game audio (experimental feature) not working with certain brands of Headphones has been resolved.
  • Issue with display blinking has been fixed when signing in to the application or navigating menus quickly.
  • Removed empty error popup window when user tries to sign in with empty sign in fields.


  • Added support for eGPU for parity with the macOS version of the driver, however due to some technical difficulties this feature is disabled in this version. We hope to have this fixed soon.