This changelog applies to GameON Launcher:
Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows 10 (32-bit)
Version 1904 Highlights

What’s new:

  • Changed the way settings and default settings are stored.
    •  Now settings and defaults are stored using the GameOn Driver’s .goconfig and .gosetting files.
    • A directory with files that reflect the default settings of the application have been added.
    • Changes that have been made before this update will automatically be overwritten and therefore you’ll need to change your settings again (sorry).
  • Added a “withURI” hyperlink to the sign in window that currently doesn’t do anything (but we have plans!).
  • Implemented some new commands to the command line interface.
    • Commands:
      • help
        • help -commands
          • Shows a list of available commands.
        • help -support
          • Launches the web browser and navigates to RWE Support.
      • settings
        • settings -isdefault
          • Checks to see whether any settings have been changed or if the application is running default settings.
          • Compares current setting .goconfig and .gosetting files with one that contains the default values.
          • Returns one of two responses:
            • Your current settings have been validated and no settings have been manually changed.
            • Your current settings have been validated and one or more settings have been manually changed.
        • settings -reset -fromfile auto
          • Resets to the default settings.
          • Replaces the .goconfig and .gosetting files with ones that contain the default values.
            • These are stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\RWE\GameOn\Driver\defaults\settings\
        • settings -reset -fromfile [“file path”]
          • The same as above but allows the user to specify a folder containing .gosetting and .goconfig files.
            • The auto command selects the default settings, found at C:\Program Files (x86)\RWE\GameOn\Driver\defaults\settings\
      •  sub
        • sub -refresh
          • Refreshes the user’s subscriptions (this happens at login and therefore if the user subscribed while the command window is open, their subscriptions would not update).
          • Opens the subscription viewer dialog and allows the user to change the active/primary subscription.