This changelog applies to GameON Driver:
GameON Series E Edition S
GameON Series E Edition T
GameON Series F Edition S
GameON Series F Edition T
Version 190201 Highlights

What’s new:

  • Extended the functionality of the Game Capture feature.
    • Allows new resolutions for video capture, support for the following settings:
      • 720p @ 30fps (max in last update)
      • 1080p @ 30fps (max in last update)
      • 720p @ 60fps
      • 1080p @ 60fps
      • 1440p @ 30fps
        • More resolutions coming soon.
    • Added support for exporting captures to the following file formats:
      • mp4 (default)
      • mov
      • wmv

Bug Fixes:

  • Issues with eGPU support mostly eradicated.
  • Fixed an issue with screen tearing.
  • Fixed an issue with the installer not detecting system parts correctly and refusing install.