This changelog applies to GameON Driver:
GameON Series E Edition S
GameON Series E Edition T
GameON Series F Edition S
GameON Series F Edition T
Version 190203 Highlights

What’s new:

  • Extended the functionality of the Game Capture feature.
    • Now supports a full range of 720p to 4k equivalent resolutions for devices with a 3:2 aspect ratio.
  • Improved the install process with an automatic installer.
    • Automatically detects the PC hardware and OS version.
      • Uses this information to assign the correct series and edition of the driver.
      • Currently only supports E and F editions. Legacy edition support coming soon.
    • This can be bypassed still if users wish to manually select their download according to their system hardware.
    • Design yet to be finalized. GIF will be uploaded when the installer gets a touch up with next update.
  • Improved the GameOn Setup (post-install)
    • Regardless of whether using the Automatic Installer or Specific Installer.
    • Launches after the installer is completed (with option to do later).
    • Allows the user to setup their GameOn Driver settings in a wizard format as opposed to going through the settings manually.
      • Includes experimental features and a network scan to automatically set values to the most appropriate as determined by the scan.
  • Added rudimentary support for the NVIDIA GTX 1660 graphics card.


  • See above for changes to the installer. These were deemed too important to be “Changes” and rather New Features.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where rapidly moving between settings tabs would cause the application to fully crash. (thanks to those who opted to share crash data!)
  • Fixed an issue with telemetry data being collected in bulk, often becoming a resource heavy application and slowing down the PC.