This changelog applies to GameON Driver:
GameON Series E Edition S
GameON Series E Edition T
GameON Series F Edition S
GameON Series F Edition T
GameON Automatic Installation Utility
Version 190402 Highlights

What’s New:

  • The GameOn Beta Testing Program has been updated.
    • The program now allows users to test all GameOn Applications. Previously, GameOn Launcher and GameOn Driver testers were only allowed to test the application they were invited to test. So now all GameOn Launcher testers can download GameOn Driver and vise-versa.
    • The program is still invite-only, however:
    • If you are a Beta Tester you can download all GameOn applications using the following URL:
      or just use the new download buttons on the Project page for each Application.


  • Updated the application to reflect changes to the GameOn Beta Testing Program.