Introducing the GameOn Beta Testing Program

Today we are announcing and introducing into active circulation the GameOn Beta Testing Program. This is a new program that will include members that previously were invited and participating in the testing of the GameOn Driver and the GameOn Launcher. Please see the following article for details about the program and what has changed for current testers.

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Merging Testers

Previous testers of the GameOn Driver and GameOn Launcher were supplied with an email containing sign in information and a download link to the application they are testing. GameOn Driver testers did not have access to the GameOn Launcher, and GameOn Launcher testers did not have access to the GameOn Driver. With this new GameOn Beta Testing Program, this changes. Now, all GameOn Driver testers will have access to the GameOn Launcher and vise-versa. By merging our testers together we are able to double our testing pool for each application while still interacting with testers that have been helping us up to this point.

Registration of Interest

With the introduction of the GameOn Beta Testing Program, we are still going to be offering positions as testers on an invite-only basis. However, if you are an enthusiast who has been following the development of GameOn software, you can now register your interest to be a beta tester, and your information will go into consideration for future invites to the program. Whilst you are not guaranteed entry into the GameOn Beta Testing Program, this would be the best way of receiving an invite.

Information for Existing Testers

  1. As a tester of GameOn Launcher or GameOn Driver, you are now required to use your RWE login to access downloads for the products you will be testing.
  2. To download any of the GameOn Software, simply go to
  3. You now have access to all GameOn Software. You can test GameOn Driver and GameOn Launcher simultaneously, or just stick to one or the other.
  4. Software download links that you have been emailed in the past are no longer available.
  5. You are still not required to sign in to GameOn Launcher with your RWE account if you do not wish to. It is only required to download the product. The URI Subscription model still functions.