This changelog applies to GameON Launcher:
Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows 10 (32-bit)
Version 1913 Highlights

What’s New:

  • Introduced a new set of commands to the command line interface. Currently there are not available through the GUI.
    • Commands are as follows:
      • verify
        • verify -applicationfiles
          • Verifies application files to ensure none are missing.
        • verify -applicationsettings
          • Verifies application settings to ensure none are invalid.
        • verify -fileintegrity
          • Verifies that all necessary application files have not been tampered with and prompts the user with the option to reset all files to default files that are downloaded fresh from the RWE servers.
      • debug
        • Enabled debug mode for developers.


  • Moved the settings UI around to be more user friendly.
  • Changed the wording on the “Open in console” button to “Launch console”
  • Updated the application Type Face.
  • Cleaned up the Sign In experience.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some broken settings toggles.