This changelog applies to GameON Driver:
GameON Series E Edition S
GameON Series E Edition T
GameON Series F Edition S
GameON Series F Edition T
GameON Automatic Installation Utility
Version 190501 Highlights

What’s new:

    • Introducing the brand new GameOn design language from the GameOn Launcher to the GameOn Driver as per user requests.
      • This new design is streamlined and beautiful, takes up less space and is much easier to navigate and use.
    • The application now checks for updates on start up (Can be disabled through settings)

    • Added the ability to manually check for updates in the updates screen.
    • Added the ability to manage update settings from the updates screen.

    • Grouped settings into sub categories (such as Quality of Life features) to de-clutter the settings list.
    • Added a scrollbar to the settings window if required (as seen in “Experimental Features” screenshot below).

    • Added the RWE logo, GameOn logo and the Microsoft Windows logo to the about screen.

Changes and Bug Fixes:

  • Many improvements to performance, including that of the GameOn Capture software, In-Game Overlay and the experimental features.
  • Downloads for the application are now sourced from
    • This is now customary for GameOn products.