Partnering with Intel and NVIDIA for the GameOn Lightning Driver

When re-launching the GameOn Driver in 2018 from the original source code acquired by Pudince and subsequently Ryan Walpole Enterprises, the goal was to create a tailored quality of life and performance enhancing utility for gamers around the world, that would work with their hardware configuration no matter how different it may be from the next. This idea turned out to present many of it’s own issues and challenges, specifically with the Windows development of the driver. Currently the Windows 10 version of the GameOn Driver, developed by a single employee at Ryan Walpole Enterprises is tailored to work on many different hardware experiences; most notably:

  • Series E, Edition S for Intel CPUs and NVIDIA Graphics Cards
  • Series E, Edition T for Intel CPUs and AMD Graphics Cards
  • Series F, Edition S for AMD CPUs and NVIDIA Graphics Cards
  • Series F, Edition T for AMD CPUs and AMD Graphics Cards

However having such a small development team for such a wide variety of hardware combinations comes with significant challenges. This is why we are very excited to be announcing our collaborative project, GameOn Lightning Driver.

What is GameOn Lightning?

GameOn Lightning is a version of the GameOn Driver for specific hardware configurations. The driver will be tailor made with these configurations in mind and will provide a better experience, with more performance, better support for GameOn Driver features and faster updates.

What hardware configuration will I need to run GameOn Lightning?

GameOn Lightning will run on the following hardware configurations and will be limited to Windows 10 (64-bit only)

  • Intel Core i7, i9 (7th-gen or newer) CPUs

What if I have an AMD CPU but still have an RTX GPU? What if I have an Intel Core i9 but no RTX GPU?

You will still be able to use any of the compatible GameOn Drivers for your CPU/GPU build. The existing GameOn Drivers are compatible with high end Intel CPUs and RTX Graphics cards.

Who is developing GameOn Lightning?

GameOn Lightning will be a collaborative development effort from Intel Corporation, NVIDIA Corporation and Ryan Walpole Enterprises. The framework will be provided by Ryan Walpole Enterprises and updates will be handled mostly by NVIDIA and Intel Corporation.

Will there be changelogs?

Changelogs will be offered through the Ryan Walpole Enterprises website and will be offered just like any other RWE product.

Where and when can I download GameOn Lightning?

If you have an eligible hardware configuration, you will be able to download the GameOn Lightning Driver as soon as it becomes available for testing by enrolling in the GameOn Beta Testing Program through the RWE Network. The driver is expected to be released in Q3 of 2019 and will be provided through the RWE network, as are all GameOn products. It is not yet clear if Intel and NVIDIA will be bundling this software with any of their own or offering it on their websites.