GameOn v1901

For changelogs related to GameOn Driver, GameOn Launcher and other GameOn products, please see their respective changelogs at RWE Projects. This changelog only pertains to update changes for the GameOn application that is used to launch and access these software products.

Version 1901 Highlights

What’s new:

    • Introducing GameOn
      • GameOn is an application that is capable of hosting GameOn Software Products (like GameOn Launcher and GameOn Driver) within tabs that can be easily switched between. This application also replaces the Installation utility for GameOn Driver and GameOn Launcher as those products are installed from within Gameon.
      • To install a product, you will be prompted when first running GameOn with a list of available installations. This will include GameOn Driver and GameOn Launcher.
        • You can install as many or as little GameOn products as you wish.
        • If you have multiple GameOn products installed, they will appear as “tabs” at the top of the application that can be swapped between similar to that of a website. The tabs remember what you were doing so you can swap between without losing any data.
          • Data is only forgotten when the application is quit by the user entirely.

    • An example of GameOn Driver being run within the GameOn application. Take note that there is a “Launcher” tab at the top of the application indicating that the GameOn Launcher application is installed on the machine and can be accessed.