GameOn v1902

For changelogs related to GameOn Driver, GameOn Launcher and other GameOn products, please see their respective changelogs at RWE Projects. This changelog only pertains to update changes for the GameOn application that is used to launch and access these software products.

Version 1902 Highlights

What’s new:

    • Reworked the tab system.
      • The tabs now resize to make the active tab larger to emphasise focus.
        • When in GameOn Driver, the Driver tab appears larger than the other tabs that may be present. You can see an example of how tabs change size and colour when swapping between them in the following GIF:

    • We also thought that the app settings and navigation to install and uninstall products was too difficult to get to and not intuitive – so we’ve added “Settings” as a permanent tab that allows the user to install and remove GameOn Products, as well as accessing settings for GameOn and also settings for GameOn Driver and Launcher

    • The main logo in the application has also been updated to display the new GameOn logo, however there are instances (see above) where the old logo may appear.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a lot of unexpected issues that were occurring when chromium frames were loaded within tabbed applications.
  • Fixed rendering issues when swapping between Driver and Launcher and back again quickly.
  • Fixed some lag on lower end Intel CPUs when switching between tabs.
  • Fixed some lag on lower end Intel CPUs when saving settings inside of a tabbed application.