Version 2001 Highlights

What’s New:

    • Redesigned the user interface and user experience of the sign in process.

  • You can now sign in to GameOn using Password, QR Code, Device and using Windows Hello! For more information on this change, please see this article.
    • QR Code and Device Sign In requires a compatible device with the GameOn Mobile application installed (and signed in to).
    • Windows Hello Sign In requires you to authorise Windows Hello via

  • Introducing GameOn Home
    • GameOn Home is a new starting point for the GameOn application.
    • GameOn Home offers the user a way to access all of their installed GameOn Applications.
      • Includes 3 large buttons that allow the user to navigate to the respective applications.
      • Includes a settings button
        • The settings button will also show notifications for new updates that may be available that have not yet been installed.
    • GameOn Home also includes a multi-search tool powered by Bing.
      • Web results are opened in the default web browser.
      • Suggestions are shown while typing.
      • We hope to integrate GameOn Support into the search in future updates.
    • GameOn Home is now also accessible when tabbing through existing GameOn applications.

  • We have also cleaned up the user interface throughout the application. You will see more consistent UI Design including uniform text sizes and fonts, consistent button rounding, consistent colours and more.
  • We’ve also opted to hide the full GameOn Logo in favour of the minimised, text-less version when viewing an application such as GameOn Vibe.

Bug Fixes

      • Fixed many visual glitches including visual inconsistencies in the application.
      • Fixed a bug that allowed the application to hog CPU usage.
      • Fixed a bug that would cause battery drain if the settings tab was left open for long amounts of time.
      • Minor bug fixes.