COVID-19 Update 2


We’d like to start off by thanking our wonderful GameOn Beta Testers and RWE Enthusiasts for the support received after our first COVID-19 update. We’re blessed to have understanding and passionate tech enthusiasts in our greater community.

Changes to GameOn

As of today we’re implementing new steps to spread awareness and properly educate our GameOn Family regarding the Health Pandemic. You will notice in today’s mandatory GameOn Update that will be silently delivered that we are adding a new COVID-19 Health Alert to the GameOn Home screen. This health alert is powered by Microsoft Bing and allows us to deliver up to date news, statistics and resources to help you.

We have additionally added some new experimental features for you to play with in GameOn Driver.

See the changelog here.

Free Offline Games via GameOn Launcher

We also decided we wanted to do something to encourage you to stay inside and practice social distancing or self-isolation. This includes partnering with some of our favourite game developers to give you some free offline and online games to pass the time. These can be obtained using GameOn Launcher, by subscribing to the following URI.

Please note that these games will not be a permanent gift and will likely be revoked by the game developer at some time in the future.

What can we do better?

We’re also hoping for some suggestions and feedback from our community on what we can be doing better. So please use the feedback button (emoticon by the close, minimise buttons) to suggest what we could be doing better.

Thank you and stay safe,

Ryan Walpole
CEO and Managing Director
Ryan Walpole Enterprises