GameOn Update: v200501

Version 200501 Highlights

What’s New:

We’re officially rolling out our Fission Design Language to GameOn (including GameOn Driver, Launcher and Vibe). This new design language brings many visual changes to the application. We’ve published some information on our new Fission Design Language, which you can find at Here, we’ll show you what’s new and how the application looks now.

  • The titlebar menu has been reconfigured to take advantage of Fission UI.
      • The settings tab has been removed in favour of adding a tab for GameOn Home.
        • Settings can be instead accessed from the settings cog, next to the menu.

  • The Feedback button is now a more distinct message bubble icon and sits next to the window controls and settings button
      • This button is now consistently available on every screen of the application.
      • Clicking it now brings up a new, fresh GameOn Feedback window as opposed to the GameOn Dashboard in the browser.
        • You can now submit feedback, feature ideas and bug reports.
          • All of these have the option to submit an image attachment, but the “Bug Report” option allows the user to also select whether a screenshot of their GameOn application should be taken.
          • Bug Reports also allow for mp4 and wma files to be submitted alongside images.


  • The font has been changed to our brand new Jumeeno Font.
  • Fission UI has been applied throughout the application to interactive elements.

Bug Fixes:

  • Animation Smoothing has been applied to systems running on AMD hardware.
  • Improved the time it takes to open the application by making optimisations.
  • Minor bug fixes.